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Supervision has been described as a ‘place to think’.  A place where we get to REALLY THINK is needed in a world that can easily be dominated by passions, polarised points of view and split realities. This is not the same as a safe space where your thinking is left unchallenged.  Instead, it is for those who wish to critically analyse their own motivations and decisions. Supervision allows the supervisee to reflect on the consistency of their thoughts and their constancy of feeling.  This enables them to stay grounded and make well thought out interventions. Counsellors, psychotherapists, teachers, social workers, foster parents, managers, executives and strategists all benefit from such supervision.

Mentoring is for those who wish to add an extra dimension to their professional development.  Relationship Services offers both fundamental and advanced psychological and psychotherapeutic mentoring. It is about understanding and applying knowledge about the psyche to their everyday work. Mentoring is already offered to professionals in the legal, medical and business worlds as well as practitioners in social care, health, education, counselling and psychotherapy.

Coaching is for those who wish to try out new strategies such as assertiveness, new ways of communicating such as emotional literacy, or when they wish to build self-resilience when working in high conflict environments. Relationship Services already supports individuals who sometimes struggle to perform well at work, as an adjunct to a sports coach, or those who struggle with parenting issues.