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We live in an age where society is in flux and our personal lives and futures are far from predictable; financial uncertainty, coupled with changes in the law, are having an impact on personal relationships. More and more people are experiencing relationship crisis, often in the form of confusion, self-doubt, commitment issues, irritation, anger issues, anxiety and depression; many are questioning the benefits of being in a relationship. It is increasingly difficult to know with any certainty whether it is better to be single, in relationship, married, separated or divorced.


An assessment may reveal that an individual, couple, group or family need help to learn a particular skill. We can often assume that it is easy to be in relationship or to be a parent. Nothing could be further from the truth. As our world continues to change at a pace, we cannot rely on parenting methods used by our parents, nor model ourselves on the types of relationships that we observed as children.


Sometimes we need to learn about feelings and the delicate goings-on that can so easily cause upsets if not properly understood. For instance, it is important to know the difference between anger and rage, scare and terror, sadness and hurt as well as joy and glee. Likewise, it is helpful to be able to tell the difference between a real feeling and a manipulative one. The aim is to develop emotional intelligence and to learn about taboo subjects such as sex, abuse, neglect, control and power. So often, it is these issues that can lead to domestic violence, power imbalances in relationships and lapses in care and love in families.


Relationship Services can tailor-make a learning programme for an individual, couple or group. More often you will be invited to attend and take part in a workshop involving other people. Relationship Services offers an introductory 2-day course entitled ‘Understanding ourselves, understanding others’, which acts as a springboard for those wishing to access other courses.