An expert resource for all relationship issues

Transactional Analysis forms the bedrock of approaches, with its thorough theoretical base that can be learnt and applied to all relationship situations. It doesn’t end there however. We are well-versed in psychodynamic and CBT approaches, Gestalt, Transpersonal, Logotherapy and Family & Systemic modalities.

When it comes to mediation, we not only use traditional methods, we also are pioneers of TA facilitated mediation. Eliott Green is a trainer of mediators in Transactional Analysis and has written a booklet on TA for mediators.

All our approaches are structured in that they are based on the assessment of needs. We do not think it useful for clients to simply speak into an empty space. We encourage clients to be proactive in their own treatment, stating their wishes, and developing realistic contracts for what they want to achieve. It is then possible for the therapist or mediator to confront and facilitate the process if it deviates from the task.