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Eliott Green – couples therapy kent specialistRelationship assistance for individuals, couples, groups and families

Eliott Green is one of the UK’s top Transactional Analysts. He has over 30 years of experience in working with individuals, couples, groups, families and organisations. He has developed a cost-effective, interventionist approach that is different to most other forms of therapy or mediation. Using a mixture of therapy, coaching and education, he has achieved impressive results. Eliott is Director of Relationship Services in Sittingbourne Kent (Medway), where together with Associates, he offers four distinct forms of help:


Whether it’s couples therapy kent or individual therapy skype, our relationship experts offer a wide range of solutions. Working under one roof, all Professionals at Relationship Services work together as a team.  This integrated approach contributes to our success in helping individuals, couples and families.

We all recognise that relationships are often complicated by ‘psychological games’. These ‘Games’ are like ‘snake and ladders’, making any professional intervention unpredictable and risky.  Therefore, before any useful work can be done, games need to be dismantled expertly, just as you would diffuse an unexploded bomb. Couples in relationships need to be helped to either dismantle the games or part with as little acrimony as possible.

Transactional Analysis is an approach that addresses these ‘games’.  You can download a FREE booklet on Transactional Analysis from here.

What we offer:

  • Individual counselling – Individual therapy – Group Therapy

  • Couples counselling – Couples therapy kent – Child therapy – Adolescent therapy

  • Family counselling – Family therapy – Relationship therapy

  • Couples mediation – Family mediation – MIAMS – Direct child consultation

  • Skype individual therapy – Skype individual supervision – Skype group consultations

What sets us apart: